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Past Issues - 2012

Vol 19 No 6

~ Water, Without It Nothing Lives


Vol 19 No 5

~ Best Is Yet to Come! Short Review of Two New Books

    Stone of Kings: In Search of the Lost Jade of the Maya

    The First Maya Civilization: Ritual and Power before the Classic Period

~ New Faces and Some PSI History

~ An Interview with PSI Officers

~ More about 2012

~ Sophisticated Water System Discovered at Tikal

~ 2013 Maya Meetings at The University of Texas at Austin


Vol 19 No 4

~ Tomb Treasures from the Time of Lehi, Engraved Biblical Texts on Silver

~ “Quest for the Lost Maya”- A National Geographic Television Special


Vol 19 No 3

~ An Account of Those Ancient Inhabitants: Jaredites

~ New Book about Copan


Vol 19 No 2

~ 2012: End of the World or the Beginning of a New Era?

~ Forgery Charges Cleared

~ Mesoamerica: The Site of Continuing Discoveries


Vol 19 No 1

~ A Response to the Heartland Book of Mormon Geography Theory

~ Book Review: The Road to Ruins