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Past Issues - 2011

Vol 18 No 6

~ Why Is Mesoamerica the Site of Book of Mormon Lands? Part 2

~ New Defensive Wall

~ Tombs at Nakum

~ Dead Sea Scrolls Online

~ Toucan Trademark Dispute Settled


Vol 18 No 5

~ Why Is Mesoamerica the Site of Book of Mormon Lands? Part 1

~ It Came to Pass:

~ A Report on the 2011 Maya Meetings — March 23-27


Vol 18 No 4

~ Book of Mormon Geography Remains a “Hot” Topic

~ An Account of Those Ancient Inhabitants: Nephites

~ Smithsonian Magazine (May 2011) “Lost City of the Maya”

~ DNA and Joseph Smith

~ New Books: The Maya, Reading Maya Art: A Hieroglyphic Guide to Ancient Maya Painting and


~ Southern Methodist University Reports on a New Site, Holtun, Discovered in the Early 1990s


Vol 18 No 3

~ Metal Plates and Stone Boxes: Have Joseph Smith’s Claims Been Vindicated ?

~ The Liahona: The Miraculous Directors inside the Ball

~ Olmec-Style Sculpture Discovered at Ojo de Agua

~ Engraved Lead Plates

~ Ceibal, Guatemala — “Scientist at Work: Notes from the Field”


Vol 18 No 2

~ 2011 Journey with PSI Tours to Lands and Ruins of The Book of Mormon


Vol 18 No 1

~ Become Acquainted with All Good Books

~ Maya Exhibition in St. Louis

~ Gomphotheres (Cureloms or Cumoms?)

~ Volunteer at Archaeology Dig in Belize