glyph notes

Past Issues - 2010

Vol 17 No 6

~ Maya Creation Texts Parallel the Holy Scriptures

~ Maya Children at Uaxactun Learn to Read Hieroglyphs

~ Olmec Exhibition: “Olmec: Colossal Masterworks of Ancient Mexico”

~ Chocolate from Archaeology Magazine

~ Gold Plates with Writing


Vol 17 No 5

~ The Bethlehem Star and The Book of Mormon

~ Converted by The Book of Mormon By Mirl A. Edwards

~ Entrance to new Tunnel at Teotihaucan Located

~ Update on El Zotz Tomb Discovery


Vol 17 No 4

~ Textiles, Tikal, and Two as One

~ New Tomb Discovered at El Zotz

~ Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions Program

~ Oldest Known Pyramid Tomb in Mesoamercia at the ancient site of Chiapa de Corzo

~ Tak’alik Ab’aj in the News Again

~ Archaeology Magazine July/August 2010 articles: “Lasers in the Jungle,” “Petra’s Sister City”

~ Palenque: Maya Engineered Water Pressure


Vol 17 No 3

~ Discovering the Lost Worlds of The Book of Mormon: Sixty Years of Progress!

~ Quetzal Archaeology Center for Mesoamerican Research

~ Transforming Archaeology with Lidar Technology


Vol 17 No 2

~ Friends of the Maya

~ Relevancy of Book of Mormon Today to All—Part 2

~ Honoring The Book of Mormon After 180 Years

~ House from Time of Jesus Discovered in Nazareth

~ New Book by Dennis Tedlock, 2000 Years of Mayan Literature

~ Calakmul Murals


Vol 17 No 1

~ Relevancy of Book of Mormon Today to All—Part 1

~ More on Indian/Hebrew DNA

~ New Bronze Inscription from South Arabia

~ Camel, Horse, and Human Bones Discovered Together in Oregon