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Past Issues - 2009

Vol 16 No 6

~ Hansen and Crew Uncover Scenes from the Popol Vuh at El Mirador

~ From Omni to Mosiah: A Book of Mormon Timeline

~ The Roads Lead to Chaco Canyon – From True West Magazine


Vol 16 No 5

~ Why Are They Leaving?

~ Hebrew Script in Ancient Mesoamerica and Its Significance

~ The Book of Mormon in Stone: A Testimony

~ Chichen Itza, Yucatan - Archaeologists Discover Substructure Predating Buildings at the Great


~ New Tomb at Copan

~ 200th Issue of Biblical Archaeology Review


Vol 16 No 4

~ He Shall Be Called a Nazarene

~ Report on the 34th Annual Maya Meetings

~ New University of Texas-Austin Research Center in Guatemala

~ Field Workshops by David Stewart

~ INAH Begins Excavation at Ichkabal in Quintana Roo

~ New Book — The Book of Mormon: An Inconvenient Truth


Vol 16 No 3

~ A History of Book of Mormon Geography

~ A New “Handy” Map in the Works

~ Glimpse of Israel

~ First Freeway System

~ INAH Closes Archaeological Sites and Museums


Vol 16 No 2

~ Sand of the Sea and Rising Suns

~ Review of Movie Breaking the Maya Code

~ Cacao in Chaco Canyon

~ El Mirador Discovery

~ More Evidence for Horses

~ More on Uxmal Pyramid


Vol 16 No 1

~ Jesus Came Here Also

~ Maya Calendar Year 2012

~ Movie Breaking the Maya Code