glyph notes

Past Issues - 2008

Vol 15 No 6

~ Los Voladores, Principal Bird Deity, and the Son of God

~ Oldest Hebrew Writing Discovered

~ Missouri Picture Cave

~ Maya Meetings in Austin

~ Maya Decipherment Weblog


Vol 15 No 5

~ Lehi at Jerusalem Beyond Natural Law

~ Distributing Pocket-sized Books of Mormon

~ New Books: Palenque: Eternal City of the Maya and Chronicle of the Maya Kings and Queens


Vol 15 No 4

~ A New Book of Mormon Geography Map

~ Glenn A. Scott’s Voices from the Dust and Book of Mormon Lands Map

~ My “Ideal” Map


Vol 15 No 3

~ Quest to find King Benjamin’s Tower

~ Memories from Mesoamerica

~ Nahuatl Writing


Vol 15 No 2

~ Facts Joseph Smith Could Not Have Learned in 1829

~ Memories from Mesoamerica

~ Satellites Capture Images of Maya Cities

~ Maya Exploration Center


Vol 15 No 1

~ Graceland Winter Term PSI Tour 2008

~ Ancient America Foundation, Web Site about The Book of Mormon

~ Maya Meetings at the University of Texas-Austin, February 25-March 2, 2008 “Copan

    Archaeology and History: New Finds and New Research”

~ “Whether or Not Archaeology Can Help Us Understand the Bible Depends on the Question"