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Past Issues - 2007



Vol 14 No 6

~ Turning Faith into Knowledge

~ What to Tell Your Friends and Neighbors about The Book of Mormon

~ Annual Michigan Regional Book of Mormon Day

~ Guatemala Gets Copy of Dresden Codex


Vol 14 No 5

~ What Was in The Stone Box?

~ Living Waters

~ Ancient Tunnel Found in Jerusalem

~ New Light on the Founder of Copan

~ Copan Archaeology and History: New Finds and New Research


Vol 14 No 4

~ Excavations Confirm Book of Mormon History in the Maya Area

~ New Maya Decipherment Blog

~ King Herod’s Tomb Discovered

~ Scanning History — Yaxchilán, Mexico


Vol 14 No 3

~ More on Muluk: Epigraphers Reconsider Yaxchilán’s Emblem Glyph

~ Lamanai Lasts for Over 2000 Years


Vol 14 No 2

~ The River Cities: Yaxchilán, Piedras Negras, Pomoná

~ Desert River

~ New Olmec Site Discovered

~ Egyptian Script Used for Semitic Language

~ Essene Settlement or Not?

~ Underwater Site near the Suez Canal

~ Jerusalem Temple Mount Discoveries

~ Oldest Observatory in the Americas


Vol 14 No 1

~ Isaiah, Israel, and the Dead Sea Scroll

~ Bolonchen Ladder Shows Maya Innovation

~ Jade Artifacts Reveal Maya Trade Practice

~ Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit in Kansas City